Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Make a breakfast burrito with us 🌯 🤗

Before you cross it out: savoury breakfasts are really good for you and a great way to start the day! Perfect to change up your weekend late breakfast/ brunch routine 😍

Swipe for a step by step recipe or check the description below: ⤵️

🕒 Time: 5 min
🍴 Serves: 1 burrito

🌯 Ingredients:
1 wrap
2 tbsp Lummus Sun-dried Tomato
2 eggs (scrambled)
2 tbsp black beans
2 tbsp chopped cherry tomatoes
1 tsp purple onion
1/4 sliced avocado
Salt & black pepper
Fresh coriander

🥣 Method:
1. Spread the Lummus & Sun-dried tomato onto the middle of the wrap.
2. Place the scrambled eggs, black beans, chopped cherry tomatoes, purple onion, & sliced avocado onto the wrap and season to taste.
3. Roll, slice and eat 😋



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